Promoting Green Supply

We established in August 2005 our Chemical Substance Management Guidelines for the management of hazardous substances concerning parts and indirect materials used for our company’s products and manage chemical substances in accordance with it. Our Chemical Substance Management Guidelines provide management rules concerning substances specified in laws and regulations, such as substances whose use is restricted or prohibited by the RoHS Directive, SVHC (high-concern material) in REACH, substances banned by legislation, and substances designated by the Japan Green Procurement Survey Standardization Initiative (JGPSSI). We keep these guidelines updated by making necessary revisions to them in response to changes in relevant laws, (Revision was made twice in 2011.) regulations, and other rules. They include definitions of terms, RoHS threshold values, survey questionnaires for our suppliers on chemical substances that affect the environment, and a guarantee form to assure that no RoHS-restricted substances are contained in the materials we use.

Request for Environmental Information about Materials

The most recent versions of "Guideline for Control of Chemical Substances 4th Edition (Parts and Materials)", "Environmentally Harmful Substances (Parts and Materials) Survey Sheet", and "Guarantee of conforming to hazardous substances restricted by RoHS Directive and non-containing guarantee of prohibited substances" are posted on the SANYO DENKI Global Site .